The Hammock Coast

    The Hammock Coast of South Carolina is nestled between the coastal areas of Charleston and Myrtle Beach; and is an area steeped in history, with a modern day focus on preservation of both its architectural and environmental beauties.  Sitting at the confluence of five rivers, Georgetown sits as the third oldest port city in South Carolina and the neighboring towns of Garden City, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island all embrace the spirit of conservation making the Hammock Coast a great destination for nature enthusiasts, history biffs and those looking to relax on its pristine beaches.

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    The historic seaport of Georgetown and neighboring Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet welcome visiting history buffs to explore its streets and alleyways through ghost walks, trolley tours and museums.  Ghost walk guides revisit the past introducing both influential historians and rogue pirates and the mark they left in history.  And trolley tours, narrated by informative and entertaining guides, are a great way to experience the town and potential areas to devote more time to explore on your own.

    Hammock Coast nature outfitters offer visitors a chance to explore nearby tidal marshes and barrier islands; with local guides enthusiastically relaying the areas history and explaining this tidal environment.  Paddlers get a chance to visit wildlife sanctuaries, view the local lighthouse from a mariners perspective, as well as get up close and personal with local wildlife such as birds, dolphins and alligators.  And for beach lovers the Hammock Coast offers miles of pristine white sand beaches all without the crowds.  And to make your vacation even more relaxing beach equipment rental companies offer all your beach gear delivered to your door.  And rental companies even offer kayak and bicycle rentals so you can explore  the streets and waterways at your own pace.  So for outdoor enthusiasts nature tours, kayak/SUP tours and boat tours and rentals of the Hammock Coast offer the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in this coastal environment.

    Georgetown and the surrounding towns are steeped in maritime history which can be explored through carriage tours, ghost tours, museums and its antebellum homes and churches.  Area museums and plantations highlight the day to day operations of plantation life through house tours, interactive demonstrations and guided walking tours where local historians and naturalists bring the past to life.  The Hammock Coast area is a perfect example of a community incorporated into its natural habitat.  Local tours highlight the symbiotic relationship between nature and man through antebellum homes and the surrounding farms and gardens.  Local gardens and zoos are a fantastic way for vacationers to learn about the flora and fauna through self guided tours, narrated exhibits and back country tours; as well as meeting some of the native wildlife and how they’ve made the Hammock Coast their home.   These local gardens also offer vehicle tours into rustic areas of the coast, pontoon boat tours exploring the backwaters, and walking explorations of century old cemetaries.  So for all the history buffs and nature lovers the Hammock Coast is a premiere vacation destination.

    And as a coastal city there is no shortage of unforgettable fishing!  Local captains  offer visiting anglers a chance to fish both inshore/near shore, fly fishing as well as deep sea fishing.  Local captains have generations of experience in their boats and bring fishing tours throughout area marshes, mud flats, creeks and jetties; introducing anglers to time proven Hammock Coast fishing methods.  And many local fishing companies work closely with tour boat operators to introduce visitors to all the beauty of the coastline and barrier islands.  Dolphin tours offer a unique opportunity to cozy up to these marine favorites, observing them frolicking in the local waters.  And area sailboat tours offer a relaxing day cruising the waters of the Hammock Coast with the wind in your hair.  So whether you’d like to reel fish in, or watch dolphins play local fishing and scenic boat tours in the Hammock Coast love the area and what they do offering an unparalleled experience for the whole family.

    Georgetown, Murrells Inlet, Garden City and Pawleys Island offer a serene vacation spot with no shortage of things to do.  From fishing trips, sailing charters and nature tours to a relaxing day sun bathing and shelling on the beach; visitors to the Georgetown are welcomed into everyday Carolina life.  And at the end of the day, enjoy some unforgettable coastal cuisine and relax in this serene Hammock Coast.