We had the chance to test the 2014 15 meter Cabrinha Contra and would like to give you some feedback on its performance. The Contra kite comes with a larger size bar with a longer line set. This will help with the turning speed of such a large kite, plus increase the scope of the wind window for more power in lighter winds.

The new Cabrinha control bar is adjustable at the bar ends. There is a little toggle underneath the bar that you pull to release the lock and extend the bar end out. You move the bar end until you hear a click, then the toggle slides back into place. The larger bar size will be 57cm when the bar end is at 90 degrees and 65cm when the bar ends are out. The center lines come all the way back to the bar, which will make self landing easy.

The 2014 Cabrinha Contra has a 3 micro-strut platform. The smaller struts will help reduce drag for more efficient light wind flying. The bladders are all light weight to bring the overall weight of the kite down, which will help in light wind performance.
The kite sits a bit further forward in the window which makes it easier to get up wind. For a large kite the turning speed is decent, but it works best as a park and ride kite.

We put the kite down in the water on several occasions to see how it would relaunch. The kite popped back up in the air effortlessly by pulling on a steering line. As it came out of the water there was no sign of it wanting to back-stall even in 10kts of windspeed.

As we were testing the kite the windspeed continued to increase. We decided to keep riding the kite to see how it handled in higher wind speeds. Cabrinha rates this kite from 9 to 14kts, but we had it out in up to 18kts. The kite was manageable at that windspeed, but you would not want it to increase anymore. It truly does have a lot of low end power which is great for a light wind kite.

We would recommend this to anyone looking for a light wind machine. This kite would be suitable from beginner to advanced. The easy relaunch will help aid in a beginners progression, but not take away from those looking for something more advanced. It would be a great kite to dial in those new tricks before moving to a smaller kite.

If you have any questions regarding this kite we would be happy to answer them directly by calling us at 252.269.9843, or you can send us an email at info@blownkiteboarding.com